Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nashville # 2

So who says you have to have a perfect season anyway, right?
Althoug Nashville is actually a fun track for Brian, he likes going there because of his history with racing there, it has not always been a cooperative one for Brian but he has always managed to hang in there and do his best. Well this time unfortunately the track got the best of Brian and due to a mechanical failure the car shot straight to the wall and tore up the right side pretty good. Luckily Brian was unharmed but the Go Wings Dodge was unable to get back on the track. This happened around lap 145 or so, with only 7 or 8 cars on the lead lap Brian was setting up to get a pretty solid position in the top 20 or even top 15 with all the wrecks that were going on. Fortunately since he ran a strong race, as high as 11th I think, he was able to finish the race in 30th position which was enough to keep the car locked in the owners points and advance Brian another spot to sit in the 22nd position in the drivers points.
Luckily also the car was not the one that Brian is racing this coming weekend at Kentucky so we have some time to get it fixed.
Keep on Truckin' and at least on the good side the Wings shut out the Penguins 5-0 to take the series lead at 3-2. Go Wings!!!

The Red Wings Dodge ready for action.

Inside the Garage

Nate gets the hubs ready for the pit stops.

Nice Lookin Helmet!

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