Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kentucky Notes and News

Kentucky here we come........and here we go!
Well it was a great weekend as far as the weather goes, what was thought to be a weekend of thunderstorms and rain turned out to be pretty nice. Unfortunately that is where the nice ended. Racing is racing but the team stayed focused and strong throughout the weekend. Brian was running really well in practice and the car was doing great. In the second practice session however Brian cut a tire somewhere on the track and going into turn 3 at 180mph the car spun around and hit the wall HARD! Brian was uninjured but the car was unable to be repaired. Forutnately for us we have good friends in the garage and the 81 team of McDonald Motorsports let Brian use their backup car for the race. The team busted their tails to get the car prepped and ready within time for inspection and qualifying but we did it. The group really showed team work and pulled together to get the job one.
Since Brian was locked into the race on owners points he took it easy on the qualifying run since it was not his car and started the race in the 41st position.
As the green flag dropped Brian did his best to race a car with a seat that just barely fit and a car that he had never driven before. Hanging on he drove his best but unfortunately without being able to inspect the car properly there were some brake problems that forced him to retire early. Sitting in the 35th position was where he would have to settle for the race.
A big thanks to all those who helped this weekend. We'll see everyone in Milwaukee!
The crew getting ready for the start.

Taking the new car out for the lineup.

NASCAR officials look on as the team preps the new race car.
The 2XL Vendor trailer on site at Kentucky!

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