Saturday, September 11, 2010


Had a good time at Richmond. Nice to come off a silly mistake that cost the team a fine and follow up with a top 15. Make sure to follow me on Twitter @kautomotive and also @drivenagency for all my updates. Looking forward to finishing the season strong and thanks for all the support from the fans.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Just want to say thanks to all the fans who expressed concern about Dennis this weekend. He is doing fine and is safe.

Monday, April 12, 2010

News and Updates s

Starting off the 2010 season expectations for Brian Keselowski were high. Banking on his experience from 2009, running his own race operation with 2 full time Nationwide cars and at times 3 on the track at one time, Brian looked to the future, put his bad experiences behind him and put his foot to the ground with every intention of proving that he has what it takes to be competitive in NASCAR’s Nationwide series. With the year starting out locked into the top 30, Brian had the opportunity to set his team well into the owners points giving the # 26 Dodge the cushion he needed to lock into the race each weekend. With a solid 11th place finish, besting his younger brother Brad’s position of 13th place Brian was looking like he was headed for a season that would finally put him on the map and in the spotlight with fans and potential sponsors. Although engine problems in California ended the day with a disappointing 34th place, Brian was still maintaining the points that he needed to have when the first 5 races of the season are up. A 32nd at Las Vegas and a 39th at Bristol due to an accident put the # 26 in troubled waters with only one race left to be locked in on the 2009 owner’s points. Brian was sitting right at the bottom of the top 30 and needed to pull it together in order to maintain the team. Heading to Nashville, Brian had run the track several times and focused on keeping the car running solid, however a 24th place finish was just not enough to keep the team locked in for the 6th race of the season.
It was time to regroup and the K-Auto team had to pull rabbit out of the hat, having to qualify on speed going into Phoenix, a track where Brian’s results were lackluster at best qualifying 43rd in 2009 and finishing only 27th he knew that he had to pull out a miracle to keep the team in the show.
Somehow, Brian got his mojo back and qualified 23rd sitting in top 5 of the group of the 13 go or go homers that weekend. Taking pace and playing his strategy safe Brian focused on the long grueling race and tough narrow track of Phoenix, managing to land a solid 20th place amid crashes and problems with other teams bringing him back into the top 30 in owner’s points and locked into this weekends race at Texas Motor Speedway.
With a new engine and a refreshed attitude Brian wants to bank on his speedway experience, lay it out and start his climb back to the top group of racers in the series. Overshadowed by younger brother Brad who has been at the center of controversy this season, Brian is looking to set the record straight that the Keselowski name is about down home racing, determination and passion. Having to take matters into his own hands, without the benefit of multi million dollar sponsorships and engine development programs Brian is proving week after week that with time, patience and experience the # 26 Dodge and K-Automotive can and will be a top performing team for a long time to come.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

California Wrap Up

So we had a decent time at California, we got Dennis into the race without a problem, the 26 car ran alright but not the best finish that we wanted. The good focus is that we ran pretty solid, kept the car in the points range we needed and heading to Vegas we're not fixing up any wrecked cars! Feeling pretty good about heading to Vegas and should have a decent run there. The motors have been running strong we just need to get the suspension set up the right way.

See you in Sin City!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Get ready for 2010

OK everyone, so I know its been a long since an update here. Last season was a tough one for sure. Lots of ups and downs but the experience of the season gave the team the insight and the knowledge to move forward with 2010 in both the Nationwide Series and YES the Sprint Cup Series.
Thats right, the K Auto team is running some Spring Cup races in 2010. Starting out at Daytona with Mike Wallace behind the wheel we're going to show everyone that the small operations can be a threat and can run with the big dogs. Mike has a wealth of experience and with Brian running the show the team should have a really good showing at the opening race.
There have been a lot of changes over the off season, he biggest one being the move to North Carolina. Michigan is our home and our friends and family are there but it makes more sense right now to be where all the resources of the NASCAR racing industry are at. With a new shop, a new breath of fresh air we're looking to be at the front for 2010.
Look for regular weekly updates from Brian and the team here starting with Daytona!

Heres to a successful 2010!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Catching up with the gang

So were heading into the last stretch of the season. Not over by any means but were getting to the last part of the season. Updates have been a little slow here so sorry for that. We have some new pics that will be coming up soon and also some news on the 2010 season.

Thanks to all the supporters for what they have done for Brian and the team this year.

California was a tough one no doubt. Michael was doing great but got taken out, that is part of racing and although it is never fun it happens.

Looking forward to next weekend and continuing the rest of the season strong.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Here are a few shots from Atlanta from, I'll have more updates on the race and how it went down later this week. The team is getting ready for the upcoming weekend in Virginia!