Thursday, May 21, 2009

Updated Car Pics

So the official release is out. Read Below:

Official Release from K-Automotive

May 21, 2009

Today K-Automotive is officially releasing the images of the limited graphic car for the Lowes Motor Speedway race the weekend in Charlotte NC.

Through a joint effort by the Detroit Red Wings Brian will be running Detroit Red Wings and Hockeytown Graphics at Lowes Motor Speedway this weekend

K-Automotive, with its operations based in Pinckney Mi and having strong Motor City roots decided to show its Detroit Red Wing pride with the Red Wings jersey inspired graphic scheme.Brian Keselowski is a huge Red Wings fan and he could think of no better way to show his support than by running the graphics as Detroit takes on Chicago in the Western Conference finals. Making the graphics a bit more interesting is the fact that Brian is heading into Carolina Hurricane territory, knowing very well that if Carolina beats Pittsburg and Detroit off’s Chicago they will face each other in the Finals. When asked if it bothered him going into Hurricane territory with a Red Wings car he responded simply “Go Wings!”

Look for a lot of post race press on the Official Red Wings site soon as well as some more pics of the car.

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