Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oops Talladega

So as I walked into the shop the other day I was harrassed by the crew for not putting up an update on the Talladege race. I corrected them and said there is NO WAY that I would have missed that update since it was the best race for Brian this year. They must be wrong right? Quickly I pulled up the site on my Blackberry(R) and........oops! How in the world I forgot to update on one of Brians greatest races so far. Was I just to excited or to busy getting ready for the next race!!!
So here is the official "late" update on the Talladega race.

Brian ran with the front runners pretty much the entire race, super strong and ran like a true top ten finisher. As we all know the last corner in the race on the last lap is a tricky one and with Brian running 9th coming around the last turn the drafting race began. When the flag was waived Brian ended up 14th after starting 17th and got hs bonus points for leading a lap!
There were some crazy wrecks and Brian stayed clean the entire race so great job Brian even though we were a little late here getting this out.

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