Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fontana Race Recap

Fontana was a success of sorts, K-Auto was able to get both cars into the show with Brian qualifying in the 31st position and finishing 29th. Had a bit of a hard run, actually running out of gas in the early part of the race but they managed to keep the car clean and move on to finish the race putting the #26 Dodge in 26th position in the owners points.
Dennis setzer quailifed the # 96 Dodge in 21st position finishing the race in 42nd having to pull off with problems with the car.
The team will try to qualify both cars again for Las Vegas and will continue to push to get the #26 locked into the top 30 in owners points guaranting the car into each race based on owners points and not having to qualify on speed.
Things are looking good and the team is staying positive for the season, once the car is locked in they can concentrate on a more competitive race set up with the car and compete at the front of the pack where Brian and the team deserves to be.

Here are some links to photos of the race.

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