Friday, February 13, 2009

Already in Daytona

Brian had some practice sessions in Daytona on Thursday, ran pretty good too!
First Practice session Brian was 30th and second session he was 36th.
Having to qualify on speed Brian is looking pretty good since a lot of the other drivers that have to qualify on speed are way behind Brian. Let's all keep our fingers crossed for him as we head into qualifying!
Here are some more shots of the car before it left for Daytona with the new graphics.

Brian and Team Co-Owner Dusty Whitney finishing up some final touches.

Nice Looking car heading into Daytona
Who says car owners don't work on their own car!
Dusty with the finishing touches on the nose.

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James said...

Hey, awesome run yesterday, especially after the spin. Really glad to hear Brian will be running the whole season, I am quickly becoming a fan.