Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Heading to Bristol

I worked on trailer this week over at the race shop trying to get it looking a little better for the road. We took off most of the graphis and will have to do the rest when Brian gets back from Bristol. We're looking to do a full wrap on it but the cost for that is pretty substantial.
Here is the trailer now

Looks muh better than it did before with the picture of someone else's car on it.
Brian's been getting the car ready all week and Kathy and Eddie (Long time friends of Brian's) busted their butt's along with him to get the trailer ready. Everyone pretty much volunteers for Brian and we all do the dirty jobs like cleaning the grill (Thanks Kathy!) and dismounting the tires and taking out the inner tires from the superspeedway tires. Yes, that job sucks

Brian has the car all set to go so we'll have an update as soon as he gets done with practice.

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