Monday, August 25, 2008


That does not really seem like a long time does it? Less than a second and unfortunately for the 92 team this weekend it was long enough to keep them out of the show at Bristol. There was a field of 52 cars trying to qualify this weekend and only 43 of them were going to the show. Of the 52 cars the time between first and 51st was a mere 0.878 seconds making the field extremely tight. Brian did his best and was trying his best in practice but just fell a little short. This was not the first trip for Brian to Bristol, he qualified 29th and finished 31st his first trip there while driving for another team. The car had serious mechanical troubles and he still managed to keep the car on the track and place respectfully.
That’s racing and we have to take the ups with the downs, unfortunately this was a down weekend but Brian will be back at it in a couple of weeks at Richmond International Speedway on September 5th.
Stay tuned for more updates and quote from Brian about Bristol.

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