Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mass Update

So man has it been a busy month. Things have been going from crazy to crazier and now things are getting better every day!
Here is an update on what has been going on.
Going into Gateway it was some tough decisions for team owner, driver and mechanice Brian Keselowski. The car had been doing really well but the team needed to be in the top 30 in owners points. Brian was struggling to get everything done himself so he made the decision to put Michael McDowell into the car - Brian had already talked with Michael about running the two road course races for the K-Automotive crew and the opportunity was there for Michael, who lost his ride due to sponsorship to jump into the 26 and continue his chase for a top 10 season standing.

Michael jumped into the car with Brian at the helm of crew chief and the combination seemed to be explosive as Michael qualified the car in 9th position and finished in 8th place! A great day for the K-Auto crew. This moved the car well into the owners points and set them up for the road race at Watkins Glenn.
Moving on to Watkins things were looking really well, a late race spin out by the car ahead of the 26 put a little damage to the car but Michael still finished 27th after starting 19th.
Moving on to Michigan!
In front of the home crowd, the K-Automotive crew under the leadership of Brian Keselowski decided to attempt to qualify 3 - yes 3 - cars for the Carfax 250 at MIS.
Running the cars for the K-Auto crew would be Michael McDowell in the # 26, Veteran Dennis Setzer in the #96 and our good old boy Willie Allen in the # 92.
All three drivers stepped up and qualified their cars without a problem! A huge feat for a team of our size. In front of the home crew Michael drove the # 26 2XL Dodge to a 17th place finish.
Heading now to Bristol with Michael behind the wheel again the team is looking forward to moving Michael up in the overall standings as well as making a chase for the Rookie of the Year contention!
Here are some shots from the races as posted on
Michael leading a the pack!
Willie Allen Getting Ready for Qualifying
The 2XL Dodge Running Strong
Michael talks to a fan in the pits.
The K-Auto Crew in Action!

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CodyBKFAN said...

Michael McDowell, Has done an awesome job in the #26 for Brian K. He has a huge gap in the Top 30 now and the #26 should be safe in the Top 30 in Points for the rest of the season which will be huge.