Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Texas Updates and more

Sorry for the lack of posting here the last week or so. We have been busy geing ready for Texas and at the same time packing everything up for the road from there to Nashville, Phoenix and then to Talledega with Richmond right after that! Wheew! This is going to be a long haul for us. We are on for a 6 week stretch on the road, all of us packed in the motorhome but hopefully we'll get a few hotels in here or there.

Going into Texas this is the final race where the owners points are set from last year. Curently we are sitting 34th in owners points and we need to be up a little to be locked in for guaranteed strting spots. That will take a lot of pressure off the team and will allow us to work on a more "race ready" car as opposed to a qualifying car. It makes a huge difference when you are setting up a car for qualifying just to make the race, then the car is in lock down until the race and you cannot change anything. Hopefully Texas will put us in a great position.

Other news is pretty good, we will be debuting the 2XL, Slednecks, Nitro Circus vending trailer at Nashville. Along with all the goodies from those sponsors you can just hang out at the trailer and listen to some great tunes and check out some of the crazy antics of Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus crew. Make sure you check out their show on MTV when you get a chance.
Our new sponsor, 2XL will have all the coolest headphones for you to buy at the track and you can use them to listen to you scanner and take them home for some cool kickin't headphones to listen to your ipod or Zune or whatever you have!

Make sure you stop by and remember when you buy something from the 2XL trailer you are supporting the team 100%, we run our own operation to support the team so every bit helps and thanks for your support!

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